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Illustrator Claims Disney Used Artwork Without Permission

April 9, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 2:29 PM

Disney takes artwork from illustrator.A U.K. illustrator who has posted and shared her work on the social blogging platform Tumblr discovered that one of her illustrations may have been used by Disney without her permission.

Katie Woodger turned back to Tumblr for help yesterday, with a post entitled, “Disney Have Stolen my Artwork.”

In 2010, Woodger created a painting of Alice in Wonderland. It features Alice, back turned, painting roses red. Woodger recently found very similar artwork on a t-shirt that Disney sells, and nearly an exact match to her piece on a Disney-branded cosmetic bag.

Below, on the left is Woodger’s original painting. The middle image shows it depicted on the Disney cosmetic bag, and on the right, the Disney t-shirt.

Woodger is deciding how she will handle the recent discovery of this information. She is currently working in Japan. Disney has not issued an official statement regarding this matter.

Illustrator accuses Disney of using artwork without permission.

[via Katie Woodger]