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Twitter Launching Music App and Service Today

April 12, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 10:06 AM

Twitter launches music application today.Today is the day that Twitter officially announces and launches its new music service and iOS application.

The secret has been out for a little while, at least in bits and pieces. Twitter has acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted, and will brand the tool as its own music service. We Are Hunted has closed down, and all users accounts associated with it have been removed as well. Twitter is launching the new service at, and though the page is currently live and allowing Twitter users to authenticate, the service does not appear to be functional quite yet.

Twitter will likely flip the switch to make the service and its application (iOS only at this point) live sometime later in the day today.

According to sources close to both companies, Twitter’s new music service will work closely with the social network, show artists and tracks that are trending online, and also help users to surface new artists and generes that might appeal to them, through recommendation engines and advice from friends and followers.

The service will stream tunes and videos live online, and will also allow users to purchase tracks they like directly from Apple’s iTunes marketplace.