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Virginia Mall Shooting Suspect Announced Plans on Website

April 13, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 2:56 PM

Neil MacInnes posted about shooting before it happened.The man accused of a shooting at the mall location of a community college extension campus in Virginia had apparently alluded to the crime he was about to commit on the 4chan forum website.

Neil MacInnis, accused of shooting two women at the mall, posted a very detailed account of what he planned to do at the mall, and also provided a link for people to listen in on the shooting as he carried it out. He made his posting just a few minutes before the shootings took place.

MacInnis was a student at the college, and no motive has yet been given for the shooting, The two women were taken to the hospital, and their condition has not been updated.

Below is a screenshot of MacInnis’ postings on the 4chan message board.

4chan message about Virginia mall campus shooting.