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New App Crowdsources Decision Making to Your Friends

April 14, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 6:48 AM

Crowdsourced decision making app.A Philadelphia-based social media development company announced the public availability of a new social decision making app, Choozum, last week

The company spent a year planning and developing the application, which integrates with Facebook, and relies on the user’s network of friends and connections to seek advice on solving decisions and problems. It had been rolling the app out across college and university campuses across the country since earlier this year as a soft launch.

“People are faced with making decisions amid competing choices on a daily basis,” explained Leigh Raup, Choozum’s public relations spokesperson. “We created Choozum with consumers in mind such that choice-making is more social, fun, convenient, engaging and quick. People who use Choozum rely on its qualitative and quantitative core, and that’s truly the underpinning value in our service.”

Crowdsourcing opinions has been gaining in popularity across the social media and networking communities. Other applications and websites offering social decision-making like Choozum have increased over the past year. Choozum claims that its service is unique in that invitations are generated with regards to both private and public permissions.

Users can invite one, many, or all of their Facebook friends to participate in their survey. Responses are delivered back to the survey author as their friends cast their votes. While users wait to receive votes for surveys they’ve shared, they can browse through any of 34 vertical categories, such as fashion, style, travel, and celebrity, to cast votes on other Choozum members’ surveys.

The company’s founders say that early adoption of the app has been overwhelming in the Greek life communities at colleges such as Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania. Choozum is free and available now for iOS through Apple’s App Store.

[More information: Choozum]