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IRS to Extend Tax Deadline for Boston Area

April 15, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:49 PM

Boston blast causes IRS to extend tax deadlines.The IRS has announced that it will make arrangements to grant extensions for tax filers who live in the Boston area, or who were affected by the tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon location today.

Exact details of the arrangements will be unveiled on Tuesday, and will be dependent on each taxpayer’s individual situation, according to sources with the IRS.

Earlier today, two bomb blasts rocked the finish line area of the Boston Marathon route. Three people have been confirmed killed by the blasts, and over 100 are being treated for injuries across Boston-area hospitals. The blasts and ensuing terror investigations  brought much of downtown Boston to a standstill on Wednesday afternoon, and further delays and inconveniences are expected tomorrow as well.