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Some TweetDeck Apps to Stop Working

April 22, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 7:38 AM

TweetDeck AIR, iPhone and Android will cease functioning on May 7.TweetDeck users who are still relying on the older versions of the software will need to find a new Twitter client soon, as Twitter has announced support and functionality for some TweetDeck applications will cease on May 7.

Specifically, the TweetDeck AIR application for both PCs and Macs, TweetDeck for Android, and TweetDeck for iPhone will stop functioning on that date. Integration between TweetDeck and Facebook will also end then.

Twitter acquired TweetDeck nearly two years ago, and has been developing TweetDeck web applications, as well as a TweetDeck for Chrome application, but has put very little development work into the AIR app, or the iPhone and Android apps. It has been clear for many TweetDeck power users that their platform was going to go away soon.

While Twitter has been warning TweetDeck users to find another client for some time, the end date for the service was always vague, until last week. The May 7 end date was given as an update on a blog post on TweetDeck’s blog.