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Google Retiring Meebo Bar

April 29, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 6:23 AM

Google ending support for Meebo bar.Google is shuttering another service soon – the Meebo Bar publishing tool is next on the company’s chopping block.

The Meebo bar sits at the bottom of a website, and allows website visitors to share the page via different social networks. It operates as a JavaScript plug-in.

Meebo was acquired by Google in 2012 for around $100 million.

Google made the following statement about the removal of support for Meebo: “We have decided to focus our resources on initiatives like the recently launched Google+ Sign-In (which includes interactive posts and over-the-air app installs) and the Google+ plug-ins.”

The company is urging website publishers who have installed the Meebo code on their sites to remove it by June 6 – the day it will no longer be supported.