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Google Introduces Glass Tutorial Video

April 30, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 9:12 PM

Google releases introductory video for Google GlassGoogle today introduced a tutorial video for its wearable computer eyeglass product, Google Glass.

The minute-long video provides an introduction to the Glass platform, and shows potential users what they can accomplish with the product.

Viewers are introduced to the gadget first by showing the basic setup of Google Glass. The video demonstrates where the controls are, how Glass reacts to certain taps and touch motions, and how to perform simple tasks with Glass.

In the Google Glass display, events appear as a timeline. Future events are towards the left of the timeline, past events towards the right. The video explains the timeline idea, and shows users how to tab through the timeline to interact with events and content.

Clearly, Google can’t get far in just a minute, but the video does provide a glimpse into what the world will look like with a Google Glass unit sitting on the bridge of your nose.

Below – Google Glass introductory video.