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Robert Scoble Tests Google Glass in the Shower

April 30, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 9:06 AM

Scoble wearing Google Glass in the shower.Robert Scoble, technology evangelist, is no stranger to trying new things and pushing the limits. Scoble is also an early adopter of Google Glass, and a participant in Google’s Glass Explorer program.

So, it should come as no surprise that Scoble is pushing his new Google Glass gadgetry as far as he can. And in this case, he’s pushing it right into his shower stall.

The picture above, of Scoble wearing Google Glass in his shower, was snapped for him by his wife. After being drenched in a rainstorm while wearing the high-tech specs, Scoble figured they might be water-resistant enough to wear into the shower. And, they were.

While it may seem like a parlor trick for Scoble, it does illustrate the pervasive nature of Google’s new technology. If people can wear such devices into places that were, before, considered solitary and private, they probably will. What will happen in gyms, public locker rooms, dorms? Rules and regulations will need to keep up.

Scoble raised twice as many questions as he answered by wearing Google Glass into his shower over the weekend. No doubt, the other Glass Explorers in Google’s beta program are pushing the limits just as far. Earlier last week, news broke that at least two separate developers had managed to jailbreak their Google Glass appliances. As the program continues, Google is receiving a good amount of feedback on how people use the devices in their daily life, and what they hope to do with them.

When Scoble became an Explorer, he stated that he’d probably never take the glasses off, except to lend them to other people to try out. With his shower photo, he also posted this retort – “You thought I was kidding.”

Welcome to the new generation of wearable computers, people. And watch what you do in public shower situations, you never know what people are wearing on their heads.