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Apple to Cease Support for Original iPhone

May 1, 2013

By Cynthia Herbert :: 4:37 PM

Support ending for first iPhone model.Apple has announced that it will no longer offer support for a number of older devices after June 11, 2013, including the original iPhone handset.

The company sent out product sunset information to its stores and support partners with a list of hardware that included the iPhone as well as older models of iMacs, MacBooks and PowerBooks. This process is a customary one for Apple, however this time it is notable as the product list includes Apple’s very first smart phone.

Because these products are now considered “obsolete” in the eyes of Apple, they will no longer be eligible to be repaired by the company or its authorized repair outlets, and will also be ineligible to receive replacement parts or service through AppleCare.

The new Apple rules apply to all products except for customers who live in California. Due to California law, customers in the Golden State will continue to be able to get service and parts for their obsolete Apple products.