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Angry Birds for Friends Comes to iOS, Android

May 3, 2013

By Paul Thomson :: 8:54 AM

Rovio introduces Angry Birds Friends for iOS and Android.App maker Rovio is introducing the social version of its popular avian game, Angry Birds Friends, to mobile devices, with versions available for both iOS and Android. The Friends version of Angry Birds lets players compete against their Facebook friends.

The game sets up players in weekly tournaments, where they can compete using the mobile app, or on Facebook. Games will by synched across all platforms. The next tournament round kicks off on May 6.

Rovio introduced the Facebook version of Angry Birds Friends last year, and has since directed players to participate in weekly tournaments. Each week, a different tournament is rolled out, that includes new challenges and levels.. Users can share their victories on the social network, and also give gifts to competitors.

Players with the top overall scores among their Facebook friends can gold, silver, and bronze trophys.

“Download it today to get some practice in before it all begins. And be sure to invite your Facebook friends to take part in all the fun,” the app maker said in a release.

Angry Birds Friends is available now in the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Below, leaderboard from Angry Birds Friends
Tournament leaderboard for Angry Birds Friends.