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Jose Canseco Tweets Ex’s Phone Number

May 3, 2013

Strange Tweets from Jose Canseco.

By Paul Thomson :: 5:25 PM

Retired Major League Baseball outfielder Jose Canseco sent out a litany of Tweets this afternoon, apparently directed at ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib.

The first Tweet came at 4:15 PM, Eastern time, with Jose saying, “I hope the innocent football player she is dating finds out what she’s up too.”

Three more Tweets closely followed, including one with a Los Angeles phone number that Canseco claims is Leila’s, where he encourages his followers to call her and tell her she is a “skank thief.”

Screenshots of Canseco’s first set of Tweets are below. [Editor’s note – we have blocked part of the phone number that Canseco originally Tweeted]

Jose Canseco Tweet with phone number removed

Updated 5:41 PM

Some of the Tweets above, including the Tweet with the phone number, have since been deleted.

Canseco has now sent out three additional Tweets, with one alleging that Leila or Liela, as an alternative spelling, is a criminal, and has possible changed her name to avoid law enforcement. See below for this set of Tweets. As we noted before, this story is developing, and we will update as details and Tweets emerge.

Additional Tweets from Jose Canseco.

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