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Petition Seeks to Ban Google Glass Use in U.S.

May 3, 2013

Petition seeks to halt Google Glass use in United States.

By Gilbert Falso :: 9:41 PM

A petition has been initiated on the Whitehouse’s “We The People” website that seeks to ban the use of Google Glass in the United States.

The full text of the petition reads,

“Google Glass is a new twist on technology which hasn’t had clearly stated limits on the locations in US communities where it can and cannot be used. In order to protect our communities we need limitations to prevent indecent public surveillance of our friends, children, and families.

It is hard to prevent it because the hardware gives no notification that it is recording an individual at any given time.”

The Obama Administration’s “We the People” site provides a way for citizens to petition the administration to take action on a range of  issues facing the country.

Petitions on the site need to reach a certain threshold to be considered for an administration response. Currently, the petition only has two signatures – the creator and one other individual. Petitions need to have 150 virtual signatures to be searchable from the White House’s website, and must reach 100,000 signatures to be addressed by the Obama administration.

Creators of the petition have until June 2, 2013 to reach their 100,000 signature threshold.

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