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Betaworks’ Dots Reaches 25 Million Game Milestone

May 7, 2013

Dots game by Betaworks reaches download milestone.

By Gilbert Falso :: 9:32 PM

Betaworks, the technology incubator behind Instapaper, Digg and Bitly, launched a new game for iOS devices last week called Dots. This week, Dots celebrates the milestone it 25 millionth game being played.

It was a meteoric rise for a colorful polka-dot game – with over 1 million downloads logged. It currently holds the title of #1 app across 8 countries in Apple’s App Store. The game is even becoming a hot topic on Twitter, where friends and strangers alike are sharing their Dots scores, and challenging others to beat them.

The premise is simple. You’re presented with a grid of dots. Connect dots of the same color that are next to each other horizontally or vertically by drawing a line between them. Then, they disappear, and more dots drop down. If you find four same-colored dots together in a square, connecting the square together with a drawn line will make all dots of that color on the board disappear at once.

Future plans for Dots include support for Apple’s iPad, as well as some type of built-in social integration for the game.