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Google Drive Down Temporarily

May 10, 2013

Google Drive file list not loading.

By Cynthia Herbert :: 3:42 PM

Many Google Drive cloud storage users had a brief moment of panic this afternoon when the file list for their stored documents would not load.

Users took to Twitter and Facebook to complain that they had “lost” their files in Google’s cloud storage service. In reality, the files were never gone, but they did not display properly in the Google Drive file list for a short time around 3:00 PM Eastern time this afternoon.

Google has not yet addressed the issue, although it appears that the service is again functioning normally for most users. On Google’s status page, the status of Google Drive is noted as orange, which generally means there is some sort of service disruption.

If you have the direct URL to your cloud document, you can still access it that way until it appears again in your list of Google Drive documents. Google’s mobile application for smartphones does not appear to be suffering from this issue.

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