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Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

May 17, 2013

Toronto mayor caught smoking crack?

By Paul Thomson :: 1:14 AM

The mayor of the city of Toronto, Canada, Rob Ford, is no stranger to controversy. Earlier this week, he skipped out on a city council meeting to place election magnets on cars in parking lots. He’s been known to make racist gaffes. He’s often the butt of jokes and scorn from the local press.

However, the latest installment in Ford’s saga could bring the most earth shattering news of all. Two reputable news outlets, the Toronto Star, and Gawker, were apparently both approached by someone in Toronto the claims to have a video of Ford inhaling crack cocaine from a pipe. The person who approached the news outlets to tip them off provided the photo seen above.

Reporters from both outlets have viewed the video, and independently, both believe that the video, which they were not given, does indeed show Ford inhaling the drug. The creator of the video is seeking substantial payment from the press to release it. Neither Gawker nor the Toronto Star will pay the asking price for the footage.

It is not known at this time if additional press outlets have been offered the opportunity to purchase the video.