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Video Shows Formation of Yesterday’s Destructive Oklahoma Tornado

May 21, 2013

Moore tornado forms in Newcastle, OK.

By Gilbert Falso :: 12:09 PM

A series of horrific storms descended on the state of Oklahoma yesterday, leaving a swath of death and destruction in their wake. Several tornadoes formed and touched down, with the most severe damage coming to the community of Moore, located on the outskirts of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

The massive storm was, at times, up to a mile wide, and packed winds estimated to be at least 200 mph. Entire neighborhoods were flattened, and an elementary school was destroyed, including several student fatalities.

Oklahoma officials with the state’s medical examiner’s office have so far confirmed 24 people dead.

Below, a video captured by Charles Cook, shows the formation of the deadly Moore tornado. It was taken in Newcastle, a town about ten miles southwest of Moore. This tornado picked up strength and speed before plowing in to Moore several minutes later.

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