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Twitter Offers Two-Factor Login Verification via SMS

May 22, 2013

Twitter adds two-factor login authentication.

By Gilbert Falso :: 3:32 PM

After a string of embarrassing, high-profile account takeovers in recent months (Jeep, Burger King, and the Associated Press, to name a few), Twitter has finally installed a way to help account owners safeguard their logins.

Today, the social media platform announced a featured it is calling Login Verification. It is a form of two-factor authentication. When users sign into Twitter’s web interface at, a second check is performed by sending an SMS text to a cell phone number that the account holder has on file with Twitter. The SMS will contain a six digit code that must be entered at the login screen for access to the account.

Any existing applications that have been approved to work with a user’s Twitter account, like HootSuite, Klout, TweetDeck, etc., will still function normally with Login Verification enabled.

Twitter has released a video (below) outlining how the new feature will work.