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Video of Maryland Train Explosion

May 28, 2013

Baltimore freight train derailment, explosion

By Cynthia Herbert :: 3:06 PM

This story is still developing. A CSX freight train in Rosedale, Maryland (outside of Baltimore) has derailed after striking a tractor trailer at a railroad crossing. A portion of the train has caught fire. The fire and subsequent explosion have been captured on video. Two videos are below.

The first video below was shot by a motorist who had been driving by the scene. Viewer discretion is advised, as the camera operator and his passenger use foul language throughout the video. The second video was shot on the sidewalk, adjacent to where the first video had been taken.

At this time, law enforcement officials have told news outlets that one firefighter has been trapped by the wreckage. Nearby buildings are being evacuated. According to preliminary reports from the Baltimore County Fire Department, at least two buildings have collapsed due to the explosion.

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