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Dog Injured by Tear Gas in Turkey Protests

June 2, 2013

dog suffers from tear gas injury

By Cynthia Herbert :: 1:43 AM

For the past two days, anti-government protests have taken over the country of Turkey. Many of the clashes between citizens and law enforcement have occurred in the city of Istanbul.

This dog, above, was a casualty of a tear gas strike during one of the protests. Bystanders and protest participants stepped in to flush out the dog’s eyes with water.

Protests initially broke out over a plan by the government to build in a popular park in downtown Istanbul. The BBC reports that 26 police officers and 53 civilians have been injured as clashes spread to nearly 50 cities and municipalities across the country.

The photo of the dog was posted to Reddit on Saturday evening. It is not clear where in Turkey the dog was injured, or if the dog recovered after being treated.