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Microwave iPhone Charging Hoax Makes Rounds of ‘Net

June 3, 2013

iPhone microwave charge hoax

By Paul Thomson :: 2:02 AM

A new hoax is making the rounds of the Internet, spreading on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and targeting unwitting teens and young iPhone and iPod touch users.

The hoax takes the form of an official looking graphic (like the one above) that displays instructions for charging an iPhone or iPod in a microwave oven. A simple 15 seconds on the cook cycle in the microwave will charge the device back up to full battery levels, the instructions claim. More examples of graphics used in the hoax are below.

It is, of course, not true. Placing any electronic device in a microwave and turning it on, even for just a few seconds, will fry the electronics in the device, and render it unusable. Such damage is usually not covered by manufacturer or cellular service provider warranty plans.

iPhone microwave charge

iPhone in microwave