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Building Collapse in Philadelphia

June 5, 2013

Philadelpha building collapse

By Paul Thomson :: 11:33 AM

A building has collapsed in downtown Philadelphia this morning, and rescuers are currently combing through the debris, looking for victims who may be trapped in the rubble.

The building was located at the corner of Market Street and 22nd street, and on one floor housed a Salvation Army thrift shop.

Local news is reporting that as many as 25 people have been taken away from the scene by paramedic personnel.

It is not known at this time what caused the collapse, but a permit had been issued for the building immediately next door to the collapsed structure.

The photo below shows a view from Google Maps of the corner where the building and thrift shop are located. Many streets in the vicinity of the collapse are currently closed to non-emergency vehicles.

Location of Philly building collapse