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Post Leaks Details of TweetDeck Update

June 5, 2013

TweetDeck Updates

By Cynthia Herbert :: 11:08 AM

Twitter is giving TweetDeck an update soon, at least according to a post briefly published to Twitter’s blog earlier today, which was subsequently removed.

The blog post, which was here, looked to be a draft marked for review and approval, outlined a number of enhancements to Twitter’s TweetDeck product.

It read, in part:

“In order to deliver a number of new and often requested features, we’ve updated TweetDeck’s look and also improved its usability. It’s a step forward in making TweetDeck feel fresh, as well as enabling some great new functionality.”

The changes are mainly to the navigation location within the application. It has been moved to the left side, and a vertical scrolling list for all columns has been added, along with the ability to add new columns and create lists.

Although the announcement has been yanked, the actual new version is live for the Chrome version of TweetDeck. Updates for the Mac and Windows versions of TweetDeck are expected soon.

For hardcore old-time TweetDeck users – the original Adobe Air version of TweetDeck, often affectionately called the “yellow” version, was supposed to stop working at the beginning of this month, but the API connectivity still seems to remain for the stubborn holdouts.

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