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Sony’s PS4 Undercuts Xbox One Price, No DRM Restrictions

June 11, 2013

Sony PS4 beats Microsoft Xbox One price

By Paul Thomson :: 1:01 AM

In an announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles late Monday, Sony delivered the news that many gamers were desperately waiting for – the price of its new PS4 gaming console.

The new PS4 will retail for $399, a full $100 less than Microsoft’s new Xbox One console. This price difference has pushed the PS4 to the top of many gamers’ shopping lists. In addition to the more attractive price, Sony’s policies on DRM and the trade or resale of previously played games are much more palatable to consumers than Microsoft’s.

Microsoft made headlines last week when it announced a series of unpopular mandates with the new Xbox One. Not only did it place restrictions on how used games could be played on other consoles, it also required the Xbox One console to connect to the Internet at least once every 24 hours, disabling all game play if a connection was not available. Sony’s policies allow for virtually no barriers to selling or playing previously-owned titles.

Sony’s PS4 does not have an Internet connectivity requirement like the Xbox One.