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Wendy’s Employee Chugs Directly From Frosty Machine

June 13, 2013

Wendy's Employee eats Frosty from machine

By Paul Thomson :: 1:03 AM

Looks like some Wendy’s employees don’t want to let Taco Bell employees have all the fun.

In the photo above, which was posted to Reddit late last night, a Wendy’s employee is eating ice cream directly from the fast food chain’s Frosty machine.

The photo, posted by a user who has since deleted their account from Reddit, appears to have been taken from behind the counter at the restaurant, suggesting it was snapped by a fellow employee, just as had happened with the Taco Bell taco shell photo that made the rounds of social media and the news last week.

At this time, there is no information about what Wendy’s location this incident occurred at.

The restaurant chain issued the following statement via Twitter, “If true, this is totally inexcusable. We’re investigating and will take action.”