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Hashtags in My Facebook!? It’s Like a Bad 80s Dream!

June 14, 2013

Facebook Twitter Hashtags

By Paul Thomson:: 1:51 PM

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it would be rolling out support for the use of hashtags in posts on the social media site.

Long the domain of Twitter, many who are active in social media circles decried Facebook’s adoption of the tags, despite the fact that both Instagram and Vine have used hashtags without such staunch criticism up to this point.

However, many online are making light of the situation, with some harkening back to a popular 1980s Reeses Peanut Butter Cup commercial phrase, and adapting the joke to, “You’ve got hashtags in my Facebook,” or “You’ve got Twitter in my Facebook.”

To complete this trip down memory lane, here’s one of the original Reeses “peanut butter in my chocolate spots” from the 1980s.