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Microsoft Reversing Course on Xbox One DRM and Restrictions

June 19, 2013

Microsoft lifts restrictions on Xbox One

By Gilbert Falso :: 4:32 PM

Microsoft has reportedly decided to ease its restrictions on digital rights management (DRM), licensing, and Internet connectivity for its next generation gaming console, the Xbox One.

Bowing to increasing customer and fan pressure, Microsoft is doing away with the following unpopular mandates that turned away many long time Xbox fans:

  • Removal of always-on (every 24 hours) Internet connectivity requirement
  • Game CDs will work on Xbox One in a similar fashion to the current Xbox 360
  • Authentication of games (new and used) is not required
  • Downloaded games can be played offline
  • Restrictions on buying used games or trading physical discs have been dropped
  • Region-specific encoding has been removed

The announcement from Microsoft has not been made through official channels yet, but apparently the message will come from corporate within the next day.

Microsoft has made these changes as its rival, Sony, touted its next generation console, the PS4, with much fewer limits and restrictions than the Xbox One.