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Instagram Announces Video Capabilities

June 20, 2013

Instagram video

By Gilbert Falso :: 1:38 PM

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced a new video feature for social photo sharing site Instagram today during a Facebook press event.

The update to the Instagram app is already available, for both Android and iPhone, and allows users to shoot and edit a 15 second video clip that they can then post to their Instagram account.

In addition to the video capabilities, Instagram also released 13 new filters for video footage, as well as a featured called “Cinema” which helps provide image stabilization for shaky videos.

The new video features are a direct shot at Twitter’s video service announced earlier this year, Vine. Instagram’s new technology eclipses Vine’s in many ways, including increased video length, ability to edit video clips before they are posted, and the addition of filters.

“We have made Instagram better,” Systrom said as he revealed the video functionality. “And we have made it beautiful. Videos have to be beautiful like Instagram photos.”