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James Gandolfini on Sesame Street

June 20, 2013

Gandolfini on Sesame Street

By Cynthia Herbert :: 8:23 PM

In 2002 James Gandolfini appeared on children’s show Sesame Street in a short scene with one of the puppet characters, Zoe.

Zoe was scared by a noise she heard, and James calms her down and tells her not to be frightened, then shows her how she can calm down and not be scared any longer.

Gandolfini also showed Zoe that even big tough guys like him get scared from time to time. Among things that frightened Gandolfini were trips to the barber, and large, talking vegetables.

It’s a touching look at a man who many remember playing much darker, more sinister roles, like his character Tony Soprano on the HBO hit series The Sopranos.

Gandolfini was a talented actor, and passed away yesterday at the age of 51 due to a heart attack.

The clip of Gandolfini appearing on Sesame Street is below.