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Video: LeBron James Nearly Hit by Overpass During Parade

June 24, 2013

LeBron James Ducks to avoid overpass

By Paul Thomson :: 4:22 PM

As the Miami Heat team members celebrated their second consecutive NBA championship today, they headed through the city on a bus, parading past thousands of celebratory fans and well-wishers.

Heat star LeBron James was standing on the top level of an open-top double-decker bus as it approached an overpass lined with fans waving and shouting.

Now LeBron stands at six feet, eight inches tall. A bus is typically around 10 to 11 feet high. The clearance of some of the bridges and overpasses on the parade route was about 14 and a half feet. You do the math.

Done calculating? Yup, it could have been a bad scene. But, as the video below shows, LeBron managed to duck in time so as not to slam his head into the bridge as the bus approached it.

Perhaps someone should have thought this whole parade-on-a-double-decker-bus thing through a little more thoroughly.

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