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Victims of Asiana Crash Begin Legal Action Against Boeing

July 16, 2013

Lawsuit against Boeing in Asiana Crash

By Gilbert Falso :: 3:52 PM

Victims of the Asiana Airlines crash earlier this month, when a Boeing 777 landed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport, have initiated legal action against the aircraft manufacturer.

The crash, which claimed the lives of three passengers, occurred after the aircraft approached the airport at a low altitude, and struck the wall separating the runway from the ocean surrounding it. The tail of the aircraft snapped off in the collision, and the plane tumbled down the runway, ejecting some passengers from the fuselage, and catching fire.

Yesterday, a group of survivors, including at least one American and 29 Chinese residents, filed a petition for discovery against Chicago-based Boeing. The 777 was carrying 307 passengers and crew when it crashed, and the petition asked Boeing to provide documents identifying all known owners and lessees of the aircraft, as well as maintenance records for work performed on the plane while Asiana Airlines owned it.

Today’s suit was filed by 83 petitioners, and focuses on mechanical malfunction related to the plane’s auto-throttle feature, which lawyers allege may have caused the 777 to approach the runway incorrectly as it was landing.

In addition to the allegations around the throttle, the lawsuit also points to faulty evacuation slides that initially inflated inward, and hampered evacuation of the plane, as well as seat belts that trapped passengers and furthered their injuries.

The suit was filed in Chicago by Ribbeck Law International.