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CBS Has Message for Time Warner Customers

August 3, 2013

CBS TIme Warner

By Gilbert Falso :: 11:59 PM

CBS has a message for Time Warner Customers about the network’s actions on Friday, when it pulled CBS stations off the air in three major U.S. markets.

When Time Warner Cable Internet customers visit the website, they see a the image above, front and center on the broadcaster’s website. The network is hoping that outraged viewers, who turn to the CBS site for answers, will instead direct their anger toward Time Warner.

“In reality, no one is going to win from this spitting match,” said Barry Saunders, a longtime television consultant based in Los Angeles. “Both sides look pretty evil to the cable customer right now, no matter how you slice it.”

Indeed, many customers are just upset that their favorite shows and channels are currently dark, and are directing that anger to anyone who will listen – whether its CBS or Time Warner, they don’t care.

Below is a sampling of Tweets from earlier tonight, from customers fed up with the spat between the two companies.