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Two Kittens Bring NYC Subway Lines to a Halt

August 30, 2013

Kittens rescued from NYC subway

By Cynthia Herbert :: 12:39 AM

Let’s hope that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t bring legislation against kittens in New York City after this latest fiasco on Gotham’s subway lines yesterday.

The furry dynamic duo pictured above caused quite the cat-aclysmic rush hour snafu on the MTA’s B and Q lines during Thursday’s evening commute.

Riders first noticed the kittens on the subway tracks at the Church Avenue station around 11:00 AM Wednesday morning. Service was temporarily halted in the early afternoon, and MTA workers headed into the tunnels with a pair of cat carriers, but returned empty-handed as the felines skittered away into the tunnels. Service was restored around 1:30 PM.

However, riders noticed the pair again later in the afternoon, and service was temporarily halted around 6:00 PM so that an MTA worker and a pair of NYPD officers could descend to the tracks and rescue the two kittens.

The kitties were safely pulled from the tracks shortly thereafter.