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Graphic Photo of Injured LAX Shooter Emerges

November 3, 2013

Graphic photo of LAX shooter Paul Ciancia

By Paul Thomson :: 12:52 PM

As the details of Friday’s shooting at Los Angeles International Airport are pieced together, a timeline and images are starting to emerge from the rampage that killed one person, and injured several others.

One of these details is the photograph above, of accused gunman Paul Ciancia, after he was shot by Los Angeles Airport police officers. In the picture, is shown lying on the floor of the airport, restrained in handcuffs, with his head resting on what appears to be a Starbucks bag.

According to law enforcement sources, Ciancia was struck in the mouth with a .45 caliber bullet. The shot took out several of Ciancia’s teeth, and split his tongue. Ciancia is currently in critical condition at an LA hospital, and in a non-responsive state.

Ciancia, 23, allegedly shot and killed Gerardo Hernandez, a 39-year-old TSA agent, who was checking travel documents at a terminal checkpoint. Hernandez was struck at point-blank range twice. Once in the initial attack, and again when Ciancia returned to deliver the final shot. In addition to Hernandez, Ciancia’s rampage wounded five people, including two other TSA agents.

Officers from LAs Airport police force shot Ciancia at least four times. On Saturday, federal prosecutors filed charges of murder and commission of violence at an international airport against him. If convicted on the charges, he could receive the death penalty.