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Michigan Woman Dresses as Boston Marathon Bombing Victim

November 3, 2013

Alicia Ann Lynch Boston Marathon Bombing costume

By Cynthia Herbert :: 1:41 PM

A Michigan woman is finding out what happens when the Internet doesn’t like your Halloween costume choice.

22-year-old Alicia Ann Lynch decided it would be a good idea to dress as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim for a party at her place of employment last week. She donned a runner’s t-shirt and shorts, numbered marathon bib, and added fake blood dripping from her head, arms, and legs, and then took a photo and posted it to Twitter and Instagram.

The Internet reacted swiftly and violently.

Within just a few hours. Lynch’s personal information, including an image of her driver’s license and nude images she had posted to Tumblr, were circulating across Twitter, Facebook, and Internet forum sites. Angry calls were placed to her employer, her parents, and her father’s place of business.

Lynch quickly deleted all of her social media accounts, but not before the damage had been done. She reinstated her Twitter account briefly over the weekend to issue a series of short apologies, but quickly closed it again.

She asked attackers to “stop with the death threats towards my parents,” in a Tweet. “They did nothing wrong. I was the one in the wrong and I am paying for being insensitive.”

In another Tweet, Lynch admitted to being fired from work for her insensitive costume.

“I have been fired from my job. I am paying for what I thought was a simple joke. I know it was wrong now. I wasn’t thinking,” she Tweeted.