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Air Canada Causes Outrage on Twitter for Last Name Policy

December 30, 2013

Air Canada last name policy Twitter outrage

By Paul Thomson :: 7:11 PM

Earlier this afternoon, a Tweet sent by Air Canada to one of its customers caused a frenzy on Twitter, due to the airline’s policy dealing with reissuing travel vouchers.

It all started when Calgary resident and author Chris Turner Tweeted to to Air Canada to ask about the policy on reissuing a travel voucher to a family member – namely, his wife. The airline responded and said that doing so would only be possible if his wife had taken his name – which she had not.

Obviously, this did not sit well with Turner, who was now stuck purchasing a full-price ticket for a fare he could have used a voucher for, had his wife not kept her name after the walk down the aisle.

Here’s how it played out:




And it didn’t take long before scores of people jumped on top of Air Canada for their outdated policies.




The airline has not yet addressed this issue via its Twitter account, other than replying directly to Turner’s questions.