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Today is the Last Day to Archive Vizify Bios

April 6, 2014

Vizify shutting down

By Paul Thomson :: 2:40 PM

When social data visualization startup Vizify was purchased by Yahoo last month, it set off a very quick timetable for shuttering of the service. In an odd move in the mergers and acquisitions world, instead of Vizify moving seamlessly into Yahoo’s current online services, a decision was made to shut down the web-based profile service completely.

Users who had already established Vizify profiles as of the date of acquisition – March 5, 2014 – would have just a little over a month to archive these profiles. Today is the last day that profiles can be archived. And even archiving a profile doesn’t mean it lives online forever. Users who choose to archive their profiles will only seem them live on for a few more months – until September 4.

If you don’t archive your Vizify bio, it will disappear from the site sometime on or after April 7.

Users who opted for a paid Vizify plan will receive a full refund for any money they paid to use the service.

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Yahoo will not use any Vizify user data except for purposes directly related to Vizify bios and services through the 4th of September.