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Dude Looks Like a Lady: Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Planned

April 16, 2014

Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire 2

By Cynthia Herbert :: 10:38 PM

The year was 1993. Grunge was in, along with flannel and angst. And Robin William was on the big screen – playing the part of nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire – a persona he took on while playing divorced dad Daniel Hillard to spend more time with his children.

Over 20 years ago, Mrs. Doubtfire was a huge hit for Williams and director Chris Columbus. The film brought in $441 million worldwide, on a budget of just $25 million. It was the second highest grossing film of 1993, behind Jurassic Park.

Now, it looks like a new generation will get to meet Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire, with sources at Fox 2000 confirming that a sequel is now in the works.

The script will be written by David Berenbaum, who wrote Elf in 1993, and followed with The Haunted Mansion, Zoom and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

No plot details or release timetable have been made available yet.

Below – watch the original Mrs. Doubtfire trailer:

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