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Video of Cars Falling in Baltimore Landslide

May 1, 2014

Video of landslide in Baltimore that claimed road, cars

By Paul Thomson :: 10:07 PM

By now you may have heard about, and seen pictures of, the horrific landslide in the city of Baltimore that claimed the side of an entire city block, and dozens of cars when the rain soaked ground gave way earlier this week.

On Wednesday, heavy rains loosened the soil and√ā¬†and collapsed a retaining wall adjacent to a sidewalk that skirted√ā¬†above a set of CSX rail freight tracks. When the land gave way, the sidewalk, cars, fence, roadway√ā¬†and lightposts spilled down onto the tracks below.

The landslide occurred on East 26th St., between North Charles and North Lovegrove Streets. No bystanders or drivers were injured by the event.

A local resident captured the moment when the ground gave way in the video, below.