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AOL Makes it Just as Difficult to Cancel as Comcast

August 8, 2014

Trying to cancel AOL

By Gilbert Falso :: 1:12 PM

You’re probably familiar with the Comcast cancellation debacle that tech journalist Ryan Block and his wife experienced last month when they had to sit for hours on hold with Comcast, and then endure the efforts of a service rep who just would not let the couple cancel their Internet service.

Now, it appears that online service has-been AOL is subjecting another tech journalist to a similar fate. Why do these companies hate tech journalists so much? Okay, this probably would have happened with anyone – but tech journalists just have a better outlet for their frustrations!

In today’s tale of customer service horror, tech journalist Peter Kafka, who writes for Re/code, is attempting to help a family member cancel their unwanted AOL service. He can’t easily figure out how to do it on AOL’s site, and resorts to Googling the information. This leads him to a series of unfortunate calls… and well, just read through his Tweets below to see how he’s faring. Hopefully he’ll have the service canceled quicker than Block was able to – but I’m not holding my breath. He is dealing with AOL, after all.