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Facebook + Spotify = Social Music Sharing?

May 27, 2011

Music on Facebook via SpotifyBy Gilbert Falso :: 6:19 AM

Facebook is reportedly working on features that will allow users to more easily share music, television shows and other media through the social networking site.

According to the New York Times, Facebook has been negotiating with several online music services, most notably the European company Spotify, to install a tab for displaying a user’s most-listened-to songs and provide an way for that user’s friends to hear them.

Industry analysts believe that Facebook’s move in this direction is part of its quest to become a hub for more types of media sharing on the Internet.

Forbes reports that the service could go live in as little as two weeks, with a Spotify icon appearing on the left side of a user’s wall and newsfeed, similar to the icons that exist for Facebook’s video and photo applications.

The Spotify service will install on a user’s desktop, and permit users to play tunes from Spotify’s library of millions of songs. The service will also allow users to listen to music simultaneously with their friends.

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  1. Jim permalink

    Cool, already use Spotify and love it. Plus, in case you guys don’t know, you can also save spotify mp3 with some audials software: