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France Bans Use of Words ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ From TV/Radio

June 4, 2011

French ban use of words Twitter and FacebookBy John Rossi :: 11:50 AM

The French government has banned the names of two of the world’s most popular social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook,  from being spoken on television or radio, unless they are a part of a broadcast news story.

France’s Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA), explained the ban with the following statement:

“Why give preference to Facebook, which is worth billions of dollars, when there are many other social networks that are struggling for recognition. This would be a distortion of competition. If we allow Facebook and Twitter to be cited on air, it’s opening a Pandora’s Box – other social networks will complain to us saying, ‘why not us?'”

The ban is rooted in a 1992 decree that says mentioning services by name is considered an act of advertising. Therefore, using the terms ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ creates a situation of preferential treatment.

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  1. This seems like it’s going too far…
    POLL: Should the French be worried that their government sensors Facebook and Twitter from news?