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Facebook Rolls Out Facial Recognition Worldwide

June 7, 2011

Facebook Facial RecognitionBy Gilbert Falso :: 4:40 PM

Last year, Facebook implemented facial recognition in its photo albums, prompting North American users to tag their friends in pictures uploaded to the site. The feature was turned on by default, and users had to manually switch it off.

Now, Facebook has rolled this feature out across all geographies, and many Facebook users are finding that their privacy settings aren’t protecting them. As your friends upload pictures, Facebook’s facial recognition technology will try to determine who the people are in the pictures. If it thinks it finds a match, your Facebook friends will be encouraged to tag it with your name.

As with photo tagging in the past, users only find out that they have been tagged in a photo after it occurs, and must remove it if they do not want themselves tagged.

You can prevent your friends from receiving your name as a possible photo tag suggestion by following these instructions:

1) Go to your privacy settings, under “Account” in the top right corner, and click “Customize Settings.”

2) Scroll down to “Things others share” and look for “Suggest photos of me to friends.”

3) Click “Edit Settings” on this selection, and then “Disable” the function.

4) Click “OK” to confirm the change.


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  1. Don’t you think it’s funny our government can’t even obtain this kind of information about it’s citizens without a court order, but facebook and other social networking site have been given the latitude? Why not, for the government it’ll be like going to the library and avoid dealing with the ACLU, Lawsuits, etc., Wait is this the facebook that has like buttons all over the web and can track your whereabouts? Not the same facebook that bowed to china, and doesn’t allow it’s chinese users to talk about politics and religion is it? the new alternative to facebook.