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Apple and AT&T Websites Down for iPhone 5 Ordering

September 14, 2012

By Gilbert Falso :: 3:08 AM

Update: At 3:45 AM, the Apple Store appears open again for mobile users. Some users now reporting issues with AT&T’s site, displaying messages about being overloaded, or timing out when orders are placed.

Update: At 3:32 AM, some users are reporting that the Apple Store site does not load when visited from a mobile device, but will load on a desktop browser. This has been confirmed by at least three users.

Update 3:21 AM: If the Apple and AT&T sites are still displaying “down” or error messages, close out your browser, and re-open it to clear your cache. Both sites now load with no problems in the greater NYC area.

Update: As of 3:17 AM, the AT&T website appears to allow iPhone 5 orders, although load time is much slower than usual.

Update: As of 3:11 AM, the Apple Store appears to be up and allow iPhone 5 orders, but AT&T’s site remains down.

At the time of this article, both the Apple Store and AT&Ts website are down, preventing customers from ordering the iPhone 5.

When the new phone was announced earlier this week, customers were promised access to order it beginning on midnight (pacific time) today.

The Apple Store site displays an error message, although the rest of Apple’s site seems to be online, while AT&T’s entire website seems down at the moment.

We’ll continue to update this article as we discover more information.

Below is a screenshot of the message on AT&T’s site:

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  1. Ordered permalink

    Apple store app works…pre-order complete

  2. kevin permalink

    I am still not getting either to open. AT&T still getting error message and Apple says still updating site.

  3. Mike permalink

    Tried a few different ways to log into ATT. Won’t let me upgrade. Getting a couple different error message still. FRUSTRATED AND TIRED

  4. John permalink

    AT&T down. Pre-ordered through Apple. Gosh AT&T sucks.

    • anonymous permalink

      Couldn’t get AT&T site to work. Updated through apple, would suggest that for others. Very quick.

  5. Att premiere site still not going through, stuck on your page is loading due to high traffic.

  6. apple cant choose that i have a existing account and att page is still just loading

  7. Bill permalink

    ATT BLOWS, the paired their premier business site together with the regular site, so business users (who should get priority) are SCREWED

  8. jon permalink

    premier site is still down for ATT..pissed!!

    anyway if you goto the small business page you can see they didnt even update to say its available for pre-order…

    Heres what they did..
    1st) Allowed New customers and old customers not on a business account to pre-order.
    2nd) Opened within the last 10 minutes ONLY NEW business accounts to pre-order
    3rd) Still waiting for premier accounts to open for us…tick tock

  9. jon permalink

    just to add to my point. I think they are just trying to get as many new customers first before the business owners come in and wipe them out.

    Were left at the bottom..last to pick

  10. zay permalink

    ATT website sucks!!! Apple works. Now i can go back to sleep

  11. Tim permalink

    is anyone getting this message on the AT&T premire site:

    There was a problem with your request.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to support this request online. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

  12. Scott permalink

    Att premier website was screwed up (30 minutes on hold with customer disservice to learn that – 24 hour fix for my account), 30 minute hold time to the biz service center. 70 minutes on the phone, still no luck.

    Just called again, took my name and number and told me that they would call me back. Really?