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Intel Has Broadcasters for Streaming Television Service

March 26, 2013

By Gilbert Falso :: 11:55 AM

Company close with many negotiations.Earlier this year, we reported that Intel was working on a set-top box television streaming service. At the time, it looked like the company had lots of hurdles in the way, namely in how it was going to set up deals with broadcasters to provide content for the service. Now, it looks like Intel has cleared many of those hurdles, and has broadcasters ready to commit.

According to Bloomberg News, Intel is close to agreements with Time Warner, NBC Universal, and Viacom for the service. Details are forthcoming, but seeing as these three companies are the parents for channels such as CNN, USA, MTV, and VH1, Intel has some big names already at the table – good news for them.

The companies have already agreed to broad terms of the deal, but not the specifics. Many details still need to be worked out, according to sources close to both sides. In addition to the three major players above, Intel is also said to be close to financial negotiations with News Corp., and in a slightly earlier stage with both Disney and CBS.