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70s TV Icon Jean Stapleton (Edith Bunker) Dead at 90

June 1, 2013

Jean Stapleton Edith Bunker Dead

By Paul Thomson :: 4:48 PM

Jean Stapleton, the actress who played Edith Bunker on the 1970s television series “All in the Family” has passed away at the age of 90, according to her family. She died on Friday of natural causes.

Stapleton’s work alongside Carroll O’Connor, who played the curmudgeonly character of Archie Bunker on the show, earned her three Emmy Awards. The photo above shows Stapleton and O’Connor singing the title song of the show during the opening credits. Watch the video below.

Her most recent work was in the 1998 film “You’ve Got Mail.”

Stapleton is survived by two children, John and Pamela, and was predeceased by her husband William Putch in 1983.

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  1. Jack Meoff permalink

    Jean Stapleton died? My God, I didn’t even know that she was sick! Listen, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 100 times: YOU MUST KEEP ME IN THE LOOP!!!! After all, I am “de Prez”!