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Wendy’s Employee Fired for Frosty Incident

June 15, 2013

Wendy's Frosty employee fired

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:48 AM

The Wendy’s employee who was pictured earlier in the week chugging a Frosty ice cream treat directly from the nozzle of the machine has been fired from the restaurant where the incident occurred. The image came to light after it had been posted on the social news site Reddit.

“The person in this photo is no longer at this Wendy’s,” the company said via its Twitter account. “We will be reinforcing proper procedures.”

Although the chain has not provided the location of the restaurant where the incident took place, a Wendys spokesperson is confident that this was an isolated incident. “We don’t know the exact date the photo was taken, but we believe in it was in May,” said Wendy’s spokesperson Bob Bertini.  “We’re taking it very seriously.”

This incident at Wendy’s comes just a week after another fast food restaurant made the headlines for a similar food mishandling incident. A Taco Bell in California fired an employee after a picture was posted to Facebook showing the employee licking a stack of taco shells.