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Pictures and Videos Reveal Unsanitary Conditions at Golden Corral Restaurants

July 8, 2013

Photo shows unsanitary conditions at Golden Corral restaurant

By Cynthia Herbert :: 9:58 AM

A series of images and videos posted to the news aggregation site Reddit over the past several hours allegedly show numerous health and safety violations at Golden Corral restaurant locations.

The image above, one of four shared by Reddit user GCWhistleblower, who claims to be an employee of Golden Corral, shows the condition of the kitchen and dishwashing area of a Golden Corral location. Dishes and trays can be seen stacked pell-mell across the counters and floor, trash is overflowing out of the rubbish bins, the floor is caked with a greasy sludge, and food is spilling out of broken boxes.

If these photos aren’t enough, another Redditor has also posted videos (below) to the site that show improper food handling and storage procedures at different Golden Corral establishment in Port Orange, Florida. The video shows food intended for patron consumption stored outside of the restaurant, in the parking lot near the dumpsters.

Prepared hamburger patties, ribs, and other food on trays and racks is shown piled next to the restaurant’s garbage compactor and disposal facility. The restaurant location allegedly wheels the food out during required health inspections, and then brings it back in for the employee who shot the video to cook.

“I don’t want to cook this food, I don’t feel safe with it,” employee Brandon Huber says as he narrates the second video. “Now, my management is going to wheel it back into the coolers after the inspection like nothing ever happened.”

Watch the two videos below.

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  1. Not you... permalink

    They also have a HORRIBLE reputation for paying vendors for service. A few years ago, I worked in collections for a service company. The GC in Port Richey, FL owed our company over $5,000 for well over a year. They threatened us with bankruptcy. This company is in deep trouble fiscally. If this news doesn’t fold them, nothing will. Each of you that support them deserve the filth that you are eating!