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Video: San Francisco TV Station KTVU Incorrectly Names Asiana Pilots

July 12, 2013

Sum Ting Wong KTVU

By Gilbert Falso :: 6:22 PM

Update: Asiana Airlines will sue KTVU over the incorrect pilot names. Read more…

In a “somebody in the production room is getting fired” fiasco, San Francisco television station KTVU produced graphics incorrectly identifying the names of the pilots at the helm of the Asiana Airlines jetliner that crashed last weekend.

Not only were the graphics aired on live television, but a newscaster read the names as they were shown on the screen, without noticing that they could not possibly be correct.

The video, below, shows the newscaster saying these four incorrect names: Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow.

Sophomoric humor aside, the station has apologized for the mistake, claiming that they had received erroneous information from the National Transportation Safety Board. However, a spokesperson for the NTSB has said that his agency did not provide any pilot names to any news agency yet.

A video of the unfortunate news broadcast is below.