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Reddit is Down for Many Users

August 19, 2013

Reddit down

By Cynthia Herbert :: 1:45 PM

Update: As of 2:12 PM, it appears Reddit has been restored.

No, fellow slacker, it’s not just you. Social news and link sharing website Reddit is down for many users this afternoon, giving the image above, with the error message, “we took too long to make this page for you.”

Although Reddit is no stranger to downtime issues in its 6-year history, the site has been relatively stable as of late, so this widespread extended outage is interesting, to say the least.

The site began having problems around 1:20 PM Eastern Time, with users reporting slow page load times or occasional error messages. As of 1:40 PM, the entire site, including the front page seems to be offline.

No one from the company has made an official statement about the downtime yet, or an estimated fix.

Without Reddit, there’s always … well, Fark? Good luck!

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  1. NeedACleverName permalink

    On the reddit status twitter account, it says this was a malicious DDoS attack.

    • dropkick permalink

      Tweet is from April 19th, 2013

      • NeedACleverName permalink

        Oops! That’s what I get for looking quickly and thinking it was Aug 19th instead of Apr 19th.